Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Official Quotes from Our NBA All-Star 2008


"C just started running!" - K, drunk and lost on Canal Street and wearing a hat that wasn’t hers, after A and B picked up me and Iris from the airport

"Get in that ass!" - K

"This shit right here ... This shit right here ..." - Katie and K in sporadic intervals (adapted from Katt William's Pimp Chronicles Pt. 1)

"We need a whole lot a' chicken in room 2214!" - Davin to the Sheraton room service at 4am

"[NBA player] ordered 12 breakfastses over an hour ago, and he's pissed!" - Davin to Sheraton room service at 5am

"This is K [pointing at K], this is Katie [pointing at me], and she smells like Icy Hot [pointing at Iris asleep], want to smell her?" - Davin to Anyone Who Walked into Room 2214 between 4:15 and 5am

"Baby, I'm bow-legged." - Uncle Junebug (Snoop Dogg's uncle) to A

"Lemme get a pencil and write your number down." - Uncle Junebug to A

"You are beautiful!" – An NBA player, the owner of a Miami radio station who introduced us to Doug E. Fresh, whoever that comedian was at the NBA Players Association Party, and a bunch of random people ... all to C

"K, he is not Deebo." - Everybody

"I am not Deebo." - The Actor That K Thought was Deebo

"Danity Kane!" - Dozens of people following us around NBA Jam Session after we were escorted courtside with talent guest passes (at least our colors sort of matched)

"I'm a Pisces; I just fall so hard!" - A

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