Monday, October 01, 2007

Mouth Wash and Cupcakes

I live in a world where a squirt of mouthwash costs 50 dollars and 16 cupcakes cost $40.

Today I had my second dental check-up and cleaning since I moved to New York. The visit was covered by my insurance; however, I incurred an unexpected cost that had me walking up Eighth Avenue grumbling under my breath. During my check-up, I reported an ulcer that formed along my gumline after I cut myself while chewing hard candy last week. I have extremely sensitive gums (and teeth) and have been prone to canker sores since I was young (not cold sores or other contagious facial lesions associated with herpes simplex, but I diagnosed myself via WebMD with what I think is aphthous stomatitis, which is not contagious). So my dentist took a look at it, confirmed that it was not infected and kindly offered to irrigate it with an antiseptic mouthwash after my cleaning to help aid the healing.

How nice of her, I thought as she shot the ulcer with a 5-second spray of minty-flavored liquid substance. On my way out, her office assistant casually added, "And it will be $50 for the ulcer irrigation."

It'll be how much for the what? I had never irrigated an ulcer so I didn't know that it wasn't covered by my insurance nor that I'd be charged for the equivalent of my monthly cell phone bill to irrigate it.

I made a face as I pulled out my credit card, and then ran an errand for my boss (the VP one) to Cupcake Cafe, the bakery of the most beautiful cupcakes you'll ever see, and second to Magnolia Bakery on my cupcake-taste-o-meter. When the requested 16 cupcakes came to a grand total of $40, I shrugged as I pulled out my boss' cash and reminded myself of the world I live in.

Cost per square foot of real estate ... your first born .....
Cost of baked sugar, flour and water ... your arm .....
Cost of your dentist squirting prescription Scope into your mouth ... a week's worth of lunches at Dishes .....
Waking up in the morning and knowing you're in New York City ... priceless.

Stay tuned for next post: Typical Phrases One Might Hear When Walking By a Construction Site Wearing Tight Jeans, High Heels and Carrying a Box of Pastries

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JAM said...

I happened across your blog via BlogVillage.

I've enjoyed reading some of your posts and viewing your photos.

I don't live in New York, but I'm originally from Louisiana and have lived in Florida for 11 years. There's nothing southern about Florida.

I bet the folks up there love your Carolina accent.

I got a big laugh at this antiseptic mouth irrigation for $50. That is so typical of businesses today, you walk into these things without a clue and they punch you in the gut (so to speak).

Anyway, just wanted to comment and say I've enjoyed viewing and reading about NYC through your eyes.

My family all still lives in Louisiana and wonder why I couldn't stay. I've always wanted to live near the ocean and I can see the Atlantic on my lunch breaks if I want to, or be sitting on the beach 20 minutes from my home.

I don't get to see my family much, but I've never been able to explain my desire to NOT be in Louisiana to them.