Monday, October 29, 2007

Corporate Restructure Hits Home

I learned today that one of my bosses (the AVP one) will be leaving the company due to further restructuring. Though I know that someone, who was named one of the top 25 women to watch by Advertising Age, will be fine (her resume is amazing and she already has new offers lined up), I could not help but feel bummed most of the day.

I have been so lucky in my relocation to New York to land a job assisting two fabulous women, who not only guaranteed a great paycheck for someone starting out from scratch in this city, but who also became mentors and friends. Even a year later, I still can't believe that I found two people who took me so far under their wings, investing heavily in both my personal and professional growth. They took great risk in hiring an inexperienced individual to fill an assistant role as demanding as mine and quickly and willingly assumed their unexpected roles as my mentors. Not only have they gone above and beyond in teaching me the industry, but they have taken care of me in the political shark hole that can be Corporate NYC. While it will be an immediate relief to directly assist just one person (the VP one), and I know that the AVP one and I will stay in touch, I'm going to miss seeing my other boss around the office on a daily basis.

Recently I was at a bar with friends and while lightly discussing my career with two random guys, one of them replied, "Ah! So you are somebody's bitch."

Without a moment's pause, I replied, "Yea, but I'm a well-kept bitch."

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