Monday, October 16, 2006

Phone Photo Op - Do Not Feed

As a New Yorker - being one who must adapt to sharing a 23-square mile island (roughly 12 1/2 miles long by 2 1/2 miles wide) with approximately 8 million other people - not only are civil manners in order, it is also important to educate ourselves with regard to Manhattan's domesticated wildlife, who have equal priviledges in all public areas of the city. One can start with this small sign concerning proper pigeon etiquette posted on Fifth Avenue outside of the New York Public Library.

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The small print: Pigeons *spread disease, *distroy flower beds, *leave leftovers for rats
In a city where there are eight rats to every human (according to Tokii's most recent statistic), the third bullet is mildly distressing.

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Anonymous said...

Yikes. Eight? EIGHT?! I knew NYC had some rats... but damn. Made the mistake of googling Chicago rats after reading this post... and well, it sounds like the Big Apple rodents may have their Windy City cousins outnumbered, but Chi-town rats are mutants (at least according to this

Creepy, I know, but also a little funny. At least as long as they're not living in your apartment....