Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Quotation of Whenever - Unbelievably, it's McCain

From the September 5th's Today's Headlines:
"Let me just offer an advance warning to the old, big-spending, do-nothing, me-first, country-second crowd: change is coming."
SENATOR JOHN MCCAIN, the Republican presidential nominee.

The only thing McCain has yet to say with which I wholly agree. It was not enough to sway my vote, but it was a spark of hope last month that both sides finally get it ... until I saw these sound bites, dramatized Hollywood style for maximum scare and shock value, of course.

Is this his idea of the change that is coming? Of how to put country first? As a resident of New York City, I thought I was simply surrounded by the propoganda of living in a blue state. But in conversations with friends and colleagues, it seems like our city's quintessential Republicans and Democrats alike are frustrated with the McCain/Palin ticket. You be the judge and place your vote in 35 days.

The deadline to register to vote in New York is October 10. Double check your voter registration here or call 1-866-VOTE-NYC.
Not a quote of the day, week or month. Just of whenever. Until the next quote that moves me.

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