Saturday, October 25, 2008

Facebook Views

Beginning my third year in New York City, I've slowly - and sometimes not so slowly (or comfortably) - discovered the differences between New York and the South, or New York and North Carolina, or New York and everywhere else.

But nevermore has the difference between the the North and South become more obvious than during the past two years of the Presidential election campaign. Having recently relocated from a Red State, I am no stranger to conversations that largely favor Republican views, small-town (and unfortunately often small-minded) views, and racial or stereotypical views. But racial and stereotypical perspectives are certainly no stranger to New York City. Living in the melting pot of the world, I have heard more stereotypes about other cultures in the past two years than my previous 26 years on Earth. I mean, it's a city with distinct cultural neighborhoods of which you may have never even known existed, sharing intersections as borders, and crammed within just five small boroughs.

But when I recently shared a college classmates' Facebook status with my group of blogger gals at a happy hour in City Wendy's Hell's Kitchen apartment, the response was that of astonishment. Bewilderment even.

The Facebook status of the college classmate in North Carolina had read: "Going to see Sarah Palin! Whoop! Whoop!"

"Wow," one of them responded, "I don't even know people like that."

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