Saturday, November 24, 2007

When the Past Comes Back

Have you ever been out with friends you haven't seen in years, chatting about the past, the future and everything in between? Then, your jaunt down memory lane recalls a name and face you haven't thought of in years, and you say, "Oh my God! What has Casey Cordell been up to these days?"

The faces become sullen and brief glimmers of pain flash across the eyes of those around you and someone says, "He died a few years ago."

That happened to me last night with friends at Whiskey Tavern in downtown Asheville. It reminded me of times when old friends and acquaintances would ask me about Rickey in the first years after he died, and I sometimes wonder how many people that he knew still may not know about him - just like I still hadn't known about Casey.

Today I return to New York and again go back thinking of how much I am truly thankful for.

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Dina said...

it can get very ackward!!! I lost my brother in August and someone from our childhood just emailed after YEARS...and of course I was doing the same thing.. there are sooooo many people that he knew and at times may go down memory lane, not even knowing that he is gone forever...just like Rickey!

so sad when you DO find almost feel so bad that you didn't "mourn" then.
life is short and your doing a great job LIVING!!!!