Saturday, February 07, 2009

Food, Fun & Life in the Big Apple

Awesome Things About this Week*:

A good friend, and fellow anonymous NYC blogger, gave me a pair of sixth row tickets to Tuesday's Nets game, which I gave to my roommate and the girl sleeping on our couch. A proud and indefinite inhabitant of our Hell's Kitchen apartment since December 29, she's like our own Half Baked "Guy on the Couch" - without the plume of smoke. Since relocating from Phoenix, she's been looking for employment in the city, and though I'd love to use my blog to foster networking opportunities for her, I live in morbid fear of creepy cyber stalkers. However, if any of my NYC blogger friends - with whom I've developed legitmate relationships - have any leads, please email them to my personal email account. She has a B.A. in Elementary Education and is considering any teaching opportunities and nanny positions.

I went to see Wicked with my aunt and cousin, visiting from Upstate New York and Syracuse respectively. Add it to your Broadway must-sees. We also ate at one of my favorite Italian spots Roberto Passon and tried a sushi spot across from the Gershwin Theatre called Bluechili.

A quarter-of-a-million dollar house sat on my couch - in the form of a 5-carat diamond engagement ring (phone photo op below).

DrunkBrunch won a one-hour open bar at the Village Pour House on the Upper West Side.

My best friend was crashing at our apartment while she was in the city to consult with her agent, publicist, wardrobe stylist and hair and make-up artist regarding next week's red carpet premiere of Madea Goes to Jail, in which she plays in her first major onscreen role!

*Note: Results not typical of most weeks as a resident of New York City.


I'm Not Carrie Bradshaw said...

OK, so I have to ask. Is that stunning ring from SNL? ;-)

KJS said...

Ah! A loyal reader!

No, the ring is not from SNL ... nor is it on my hand or that of my roommate. The proud wearer of that ring is the fiance of professional athlete. Go figure.

Dina said...

Gosh, just to see something that EXSIST!!! I ONLY see stuff like that at costume jewelery...ahhh , anyway next i want to say...I saw "Madea" this weekend. How can anyone NOT looooove Madea??!!! I know your very protective ( and you should be ) of you & your friends, so I wont ask which part your friend had...but I'm sooo stoked for her..great things between all of you are happening and thats cool!!! May it continue on & ON for all u guys!!!

KJS said...

Dina ... in this case, I HAVE to boast about her. She did such a great job.

Bobbi Baker ... she played Tanya, the best friend of the female prosecutor.

Zan said...

I'm not creepy I swear! However, if your friend is considering being a nanny she might try The Right Staff. They're a staffing agency and two of my friends have had a lot of success at getting really good nanny gigs through them. It's free for nannys (obviously) the parents pay the fee to the agency.