Sunday, June 22, 2008

Only You Can Prevent A/C Waste

Motivated by No Stop Till Brooklyn's encouragement to support BNR's crusade to save the world, I wrote my first-ever letter to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg.

Even though it is often a relief to walk by an open door with cold air blasting onto the sidewalk, I sent the following via


If this bill passes, at least I can still walk over warm subway grates in the winter.

Simply copy and paste Todd's template into an online contact form or email and send it to your councilperson and the mayor. You'll receive an awesome thank you email for contacting the City of New York. Be sure to tag "penguins" if you blog about it.

I loved Eric's comment:
Um.. electricity is endless, its not a problem, either is this "Global warming" that Al whatever bitches about. And havent you ever played SimCity? If you need more power, you build more power plants duh!

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Todd said...

You are awesome :)