Friday, May 16, 2008

Real Estate LOL - "Separate" Kitchens

Photos and descriptions on

"Separate Kitchen" in E.91st/Upper Eastside Studio/1.0 Bath $1200

"Modular kitchen where you'll be able to do light cooking" in W.64th/Upper Westside Studio/1.0 Bath $1395 (with a 7x7' sleeping area)

"Kitchen" in "extra Large Studio with a lot of character" in Lexington Avenue/East Midtown Studio/1.0 Bath $1395

"Foyer with Kitchenette. Appx. 4X13" in W.102nd/Upper Westside Studio/1.0 Bath $1650

"Unbelieveable Upper East Side value! Soaring Twelve foot high ceiling in main room. LARGE seperate kitchen with washed oak cabinetry (all new, and plenty of it!)" in York Avenue/Upper Eastside Studio/1.0 Bath $1325

The sad thing is ... they really aren't stretching the truth ... by Manhattan real estate-standards.

Real Estate LOL
Because all you can do is live with it, laugh at it or leave it.


JanelleGrace said...

My kitchen is as large as my bedroom. It holds a rather large table that can seat six (or more being squished). It has two closets. A full new fridge, stove, stove, with plenty of counter space and cupboards.

I love it.

KJS said...

I'm jealous.